SPDC stands for modern and professional goalkeeper training.

Goalkeepers deserve the best possible education to learn and develop goalkeeping skills. 

They are playing the most important position on the field and accordingly they have to be treated as such.

This comprehensive experience is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of the goalkeeping position.
Gain invaluable experience through intensive training and exposure to high-level competition, setting the stage for a successful career. Develop strong leadership qualities, essential for commanding the defense and maintaining team morale throughout both a match and a season.


The key features of our goalkeeping training are:

  • Learn to read the game and make strategic decisions that support your team's overall strategy, both in defense and attack
  • Improve your agility, balance, and positioning to react quickly and effectively
  • Master the art of diving and shot-stopping to keep your goal secure
  • Learn to dominate the air, successfully dealing with crosses and high balls
  • Enhance your reaction time and ability to make crucial saves in high-pressure situations
  • Develop your confidence and skill in handling the ball, both with your hands and feet
  • Become an expert in organizing your defense during corner kicks, free kicks, and other set-piece situations
  • Hone your ability to anticipate shots and position yourself to make decisive saves
  • Excel in one-on-one encounters with attackers, utilizing effective decision-making and timing
  • Strengthen your communication and leadership skills to effectively organize and command your defensive line
  • Contribute effectively to your team's build-up play and maintain possession under pressure