One of the important elements in the development of a young talent is to be aware of their body. 

From U 13 and up, we will also carry out various tests (sprint, jump, mobility) in order to obtain data that will flow into our impressions and evaluations. This data is a great way to objectively organize the training plan to better ensure performance goals are met and injury/pain is minimized.


We are very happy to have Steve Fell and his team acting as the Performance Science and Rehab coach at SPDC.

Steve Fell, the current performance coach of the US mens national team. 

Our players are receiving specific recommendations related to individual physical preparation first begins with an understanding of their current movement, strength, force, and metabolic baselines.

Establishing a performance profile is an excellent way to objectively organize your training plan to better ensure performance goals are achieved and injury/pain occurrences are minimized. 


The performance training with Steve is an extra service that is agreed and settled with him directly.