Q & A

Why should i choose to train with SPDC?

  • Licensed Coaches 
  • Expertise and Knowledge from youth to professional level
  • Customized Training
  • Skill Development
  • Tactical Awareness
  • Feedback and Assessment
  • Correcting bad Habbits
  • Motivation and Accountability
  • Exposure to High Standards
  • Networking and Opportunities
  • Confidence Building
  • Long Term Development 

What age can i register my child?

The training is for players between 5 and 17


Is the training for boys and girls?

Yes, the sessions are for boys and girls


How long is the registration valid?

After a free tryout you/we can decide whether to register your child with us. The duration of a training period is 4 weeks. Your child can train once, twice or three times a week. After the first four weeks, you and your child will know whether our style of training suits you. Pricing of long term agreements are different and will be discussed directly.

Our target is getting together as a "team" and find a common line for age- and performance based training in order to achieve the player´s personal goal.


Can my child still play at his/her club?

Yes, we see our training sessions as extra training on top of the club training. We are able to focus on individual training more due to the smaller group size of our sessions, leading to more one v one interactions with our coaches. We also strive to keep in touch with the club coaches to talk about the development of the player. 


Where is the SPDC training held?

We are currently training at different locations. More info under "location". We are in talks to set up our own facility.


How long is a training?

1, 5 hours


Where can I register?

Please fill out the form in the section "Packages" and we will contact you


What happens after i have sent the registration?

After we received the registration form, we will contact you personally.

Together we will discuss which day, time and training group suits for your child best.


What aspects are always part of your soccer training?

Technical exercises, coordination, passing and receiving. If you can´t pass/receive a ball you can´t play the game.  

The most important key next to all exercises is having fun to play and train.


Can SPDC help my child to become a professional soccer player?

SPDC is focused on player development, offering qualified players exposure to professional soccer in the United States as well as exposure to European soccer. You´ll find more information under "Additional offers - Become a Professional".







How do we identify a talent?

It depends on what age. This is why we have divided our program into different stages. Above all is mentality (e.g. work ethic, dedication, adaptability), technical ability, agility and pace.


What aspects do we consider most important developing a soccer talent?

Next to all the basic elements of the game, a talent needs to adapt in every situation to develop and perform. Alongside a personal plan to create ownership and dominant behaviour. The talent asks and accepts help from a mentor and specialists.

We are guiding players, not steering them, creating awareness, practising functional skills in different game related settings/situations, allowing players to make mistakes and involving players actively in their development.


How do you measure the development of a soccer player?

We train and see our players very often so we are able to judge their development. The development should be connected with the individual potential and the personal goals of the player.