Our professional training is an important addition to your club training.

The practice sessions are one, two or three times per week in the mornings or afternoons and on weekends.

The training times will be agreed with you.  Our schedule will not get in conflict with your club training.

The training principles represent basic, substantive guidelines on which our coaches train.

The quality of the training is an essential factor for the implementation of our training concept and of crucial importance for the success of SPDC. The training philosophy is geared towards building smart, physically prepared and mentally strong players. To ensure the quality of our soccer training model, all coaches are required to participate incontinuing educational in-house, national and international programs.

The curriculum is designed for boys and girls and the players will be divided in different age groups. The players receive enough time to train and perfect technical, and later tactical requirements, after an introduction. In addition to the technical, tactical and conditional training modules, we also focus on creativity and willingness to make decisions. This has a special role, as it can be an increasingly important factor for a successful transition from youth players to adult soccer. Creativity and strong decision making are complex that is made up of the aforementioned training modules modules of technology, tactics and stamina. We train close to the game action and high number of repetitions.


Basic practice up till under 13 years of age

Training of the basic technical skills, a lot of ball and footwork, no clear positions ( train regardless of position), training of the individual processes in defensive and offensive play,  tactical group work to understand the basics of the game.


Advanced training from 13 – 16 years of age

Tactical behavior will be added as well as position training.

Stabilization and improvement of learned technical skills,  learn to play under time and pressure.                   


Center of excellence 16 – 18 years

Players must be ready to compete a top level.


We create individual assessments on each player. 

These are discussed with the players as needed, but at least after each semester.

The most important aspect, outside the training units and the personal development, in conveying the joy and fun of the game because we can only achieve goals together if we have a positive attitude.

Our packages for you


Spring 2024 - feb 15 to may 15


You can choose to train with us one day, two days or three days per week.


Spring Break Camp will be announced soon