RESIDENTIAL ACADEMY - Starting in fall 2024

Domestic and international players program


Our goal is guiding US and international players, grades 9-12, on a journey that starts with their high school education and is completed with

  • signing a professional contract or
  • their ultimate acceptance into many of the top universities and colleges around the United States.

Advantages of our soccer residential program

Next to the high quality of coaching and the intensive training you´ll build a consistent routine and a structured schedule.

  • The excellent combination between professional soccer training and school is the launch pad for a professional soccer career either if you start in College or turn direct to be a pro player after High School.
  • Valuable experience: The residential school students experience intensive cooperation in the group, at the same time they learn to compete and measure themselves against others.
  • Optimum support in competitive sports, simultaneous development of a school-professional perspective.
  • Tutoring,  homework help to reconcile school and sporting challenges in the best possible way. 
  • A consistent, competitive attitude leads to strong personalities. 
  • The graduates leave the school as established personalities. They know how to transfer what they have learned in soccer to their professional career.


Our students live either with host families or in or own dorms.

They openly meet their guest students with a lot of warmth and joy that they have a lot to offer their "guest child". The "guest children" are fully integrated into everyday family life and thus get to know the "American way of life. The families are selected, checked and prepared by the trained homestay coordinators in our school district.  The homestay coordinators are also the supervisors for the students and help with questions and problems.


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