Becoming a professional soccer player is a challenging journey. Every players path is unique and demands dedication, talent, perseverance, will, determination to overcoming the obstacles along the way.


We are pleased to have Dieter Heimen, a proven professional player manager with FIFA players agent license, at our group.

Dieter is is a well recognized agent with more than 20 years of experience and a proven track record.  He knows what it takes to become a professional soccer player.  He and his team worked for professional players and nurtured the careers rising stars, guiding them to achieve greatness on and off the field.

Dieter is well known to find players "under the radar" and make them ready for the top challenges. His eye for players and the knowledge how to improve their skills on the field is second to none.


Our over decades established trustful network in the top leagues around the globe gives us the opportunity to find and present the best options for our players. We offer extensive resources across a range of business areas and have extensive expertise in

  • player representation
  • club search
  • contracting
  • sponsorship
  • media management

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